Martha Coakley ’75 wants to be a Senator. To get that job, she needs to win an election. To win a state-wide election, there is nothing more important than name recognition. To increase your name recognition, you need to get your name in the newspaper, even if doing so is the result of idiocy like this.

AG urges Beth Israel to rethink CEO’s fitness
Swift action found lacking on Levy

Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley said yesterday that the board of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center should do “some soul-searching’’ about chief executive Paul Levy’s ability to continue leading the hospital, after her office concluded that his longtime personal relationship with a female employee “clearly endangered the reputation of the institution and its management.’’

Coakley’s remarks, made in an interview with the Globe, came as she released results of her office’s four-month investigation into the board’s handling of Levy’s relationship with the woman, who left the organization last fall.

What business is that of the Massachusetts AG? None. But grandstanding on ths topic got Coakley her name in the paper, and that is all that matters.

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