Via reader David H.T. Kane ’58, this New York Times editorial:

The American Action Network, another conservative group that does not disclose its donors, is targeting Representative Chris Murphy [’96], a Connecticut Democrat, in his race against Sam Caligiuri, a Republican.

The group is running an ad claiming that the health reform law, which Mr. Murphy supported and Mr. Caligiuri wants to repeal, requires jail time for people who do not buy health insurance. The law does no such thing. At least one Connecticut television station has stopped running the ad.

The sound of liberal fear is a pleasant one to the Eph brigade of the vast right-wing conspiracy. Here is the ad:

As noted previously, conservative Ephs are looking at nothing but upside in this election. Either Murphy wins (Nate Silver has him at 72%, down from 84% last month) and we keep an Eph in Congress or Murphy loses, swept away but the worst Democratic losses in 50+ years.

Question for our readers: Should Connecticut TV stations refuse to air that ad?

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