This post concludes our month-long seminar about President Adam Falk’s Induction address.

Pulling out the most important terms and phrases from the speech foreshadows the next decade at Williams.

A Williams education, as this history indicates, provides not merely a private good, found in the betterment of individual graduates, but a public good, measured in the impact those graduates have on the world. … We aim to prepare students for service to the world … The greatest, and most beneficial, change at Williams has been its opening to the wider world … the highest manifestation of the public good we provide is to be a college for all of the United States, and of the world. … And yet, Williams’ greatest advances have occurred when we led, rather than followed, our peers. … It means arguing for the value of the liberal arts by sharing with the world the example of what we do.

[W]e must develop a deeper understanding of what it means for Williams to be an international institution. We must simultaneously be local and global, building a very specific, Berkshires-based Williams that could only be found in this valley, while reaching out far beyond to prepare our students to be effective citizens not only of this country but of the world. … bring international students to Williams … our conception of a global strategy is still emerging … We must become global within our existing scale and scope … we must think of the internationalization of Williams as something that happens here in Williamstown

Williams is full of wonderful students from every walk of life, and many corners of the country and the world … we can become truly global, and teach and learn as never before. … we will welcome here those born to every circumstance – whether economic background, or national identity

[W]e will love even more the Williams that we create . . .

Within a decade, Williams will be more than 20% international students, a greater percentage than any other elite college in the world. That is where Adam Falk proposes to lead us. Are you ready to follow him? I am.

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