Former Williams Professor KC Johnson writes:

I haven’t commented on the Karen Owen affair because Owen’s affront to basic decency seemed so obvious. (Owen, for those unaware, is the Duke graduate who chronicled, through a PowerPoint replete with photos, her sexual exploits with multiple male Duke student-athletes.) The PowerPoint went viral, and even prompted a Today Show segment, which helpfully used Owen’s actions to recall the lacrosse case—insinuating that a false allegation against Duke male students, inflamed by a rogue district attorney, had relevance to an invasion of privacy by a Duke female student, after voluntary sexual intercourse.

It’s not difficult to imagine how the Duke campus would have responded had the genders of the Owen affair been reversed—i.e., if a male Duke student had publicized, sometimes in mocking terms, his sexual interactions with multiple Duke female student-athletes.

And what would have been the reaction at Williams?

(By the way, KC’s hypothetical here seems a little silly at least in a Williams context. Although it would be possible for a Williams female student to have as many one-night-stands as Owen did, I am not sure that the same could be true for a male Eph, given the realities of sexual relationships, i.e., Williams men are often eager for a one night stand with someone of Owen’s attractiveness while Williams women are more choosy and/or less easy.)

And, as always, a great topic for a senior thesis!

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