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Ephblog Madlibs

One of DK’s favorite rhetorical techniques is to take a quote, attribute that quote to the original source, but change a few key words so as to skew the meaning, all to make some sort of point.  Normally, I am a critic of purposefully engendering this type of confusion, but the more I think about it, the more I think it sounds like fun.  Plus, changing a few key words would make a lot of DK’s posts far more palatable.  For example, I would be significantly more interested in an exploration of why there are no [PORN STARS] [LLAMAS] [MONKS] or [WICKED STEPMOTHERS] among the PBK contingent at Williams.  Thus, I present the first edition of Ephblog Madlibs, using a recent DK post.  OK, have at it:

I recognize that my past posts on [NOUN] at Williams have [VERB] people, and I [VERB].  I realize that I have raised the [NOUN] in such a way that does not produce a [NOUN].  Rather, my approach has [VERB] readers and has resulted in [NOUN PHRASE].  I realize that I am responsible for this [ADJECTIVE] state of affairs.

I am striving for [NOUN PHRASE].  To that end, I am trying to write this post in a way that I hope will generate a [NOUN].

To begin with, I thought it would be useful if I posed a question and asked readers to offer their own [NOUN] on [NOUN].  With this in mind, I will do my best to avoid [NOUN] and hopefully many readers will be able to [VERB] facts to add to the [NOUN] of the subject.