Perhaps the most important change that was made in Williams housing last year was the designation of West as “quiet housing.”

Following the release of the Neighborhood Review Committee (NRC) recent report, Campus Life announced Thursday that quiet housing will be implemented beginning next fall, with West College, which has 54 beds, designated for that purpose. Students in quiet housing will be required to abide by quiet hours from at least 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. every day. Applications for quiet housing are due today, and the room draw will take place next Wednesday.

Other students noted that West had, prior to the neighborhoods system, been dominated by seniors working on theses. “Designating West as quiet housing is returning it to its pre-neighborhood status,” Will Slack ’11 said. “There are some people on this campus who have a hard time functioning with a lot of noise. I think setting aside one house with quiet hours starting at 9 or 10 p.m. makes sense.”

Read the whole article for details.

Questions: How popular was West in the room draw last spring? How have things worked out in West this year? If you live there, tell us about it. If you have friends there, tell us about their experiences.

Prediction: West was popular in the room draw and its current residents are happy. The party/no-party fault line is the single biggest cause of student housing conflict. By removing it, the lives of the students in West have been improved.

And that proves the desirability of encouraging student sorting, as outlined in my housing plan (pdf).

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