After almost 8 years at EphBlog, I will be modifying my participation slightly in the coming months and years. See below if you want the details.

These are relatively minor changes and will be invisible to the vast majority of our readers.

1) I need to focus a bit more on my career and a bit less on EphBlog. So, I expect to spend much less time on the site during the workday. Apologies if your comment gets caught in our spam filter or if I don’t respond to your question in a timely fashion.

2) I need to make my participation here a little less Googlable than it currently is. So, I will no longer be using my last name as much as I have in the past. (Thanks to Rory for demonstrating this trick.) I may change complaints about “mylastnameBlog” to “DaveBlog.” I trust that the underlying meaning of those complaints will be unaffected.

3) I will no longer be posting on weekends. (Other authors are, of course, always free to do so.)

4) Because of some scheduling issues, I have pre-written a great deal of material. That is, I had hundreds (literally) of unfinished posts from the past several years that I have been going through, finishing and then scheduling for the next few months. So, although you will see a new post from me each weekday, much of them will have been written weeks or even years ago. I expect to do more “fresh” blogging after spring break.

5) Because of all this, I may not be able to stay up on breaking news as much as I have done in the past. Apologies! I hope other authors will pick up the slack. But, I still hope to do some blogging on recent news as well.

6) I will be spending more time on Williams-specific topics (like admissions, budgets and curriculum) and less on alumni-linked stories. For example, I used to regular link to blogs like Dan Drezner’s ’90 or news stories featuring Bethany McLean ’92. I still think that someone ought to do this, but it won’t be me as often going forward. In fact, the alumni office really ought to provide an RSS feed of all Eph-related news, but that is a rant for another day.

In any event, thanks as always to our Board, Ken, Ronit, my fellow EphBlog authors, our many commentators and loyal readers! It has been a fun 8 year journey which I hope will continue. And, again, 95% of readers won’t even notice these changes, but I wanted to explain the details for the 5% who would. I have a big picture post, a follow on to The Ghost of EphBlog Past, scheduled for next week.

Given that post from 6 (!) years ago, what should I say now?

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