Check out this Williams Record article on an intriguing forthcoming addition, designed by Jenny Holzer, to the very cool collection of sculptures populating the Williams campus.  And there may soon be even more interesting public art on campus thanks to the Class of 1961’s dedicated fund.

I haven’t been able to find a list of all such sculptures, so I figured I would utilize the collective knowledge of Ephblog to make one, with links to photos, information, and stories of note.  I’ll then edit this post accordingly.

Here goes:

  • Wooden Bowl, a Ursula Von Rydingsvard sculpture at the rear of the Morley Science library, initially installed in 2000
  • everyone’s favorite, Eyes, by Louise Bourgeois, in front of the WCMA, initially installed in 2001, and easily the most successful piece of public art on campus
  • the amorphous vaguely humanoid granite (?) forms, between the Frosh Quad and Mission (pictured above, thanks to Picasa user “Dennis”, and my favorite other than Eyes, yet strangely rarely photographed)
  • the Haystack monument in Mission Park, which has historical importance
  • the metal sculpture in Greylock Quad (does it have a name?  anyone know more about its history?)
  • the moving destructive wave demonstration sculpture in Bronfman Science Center
  • random phallic object outside Clark
  • Wind sculpture, outside of the former (and hopefully future?) Greylock dining hall
  • Civil war monument outside Griffin

I’d also be interested in chronicling temporary campus sculptural installations:

  • my favorite is David Hammons’ Rock Fan in front of Chapin — alas, there are no virtual images that I can locate online, other than a few housed on a college site which are, to my frustration, hidden from public view (why???)
  • any others of note?
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