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Nicknames revealed by wikileak …


After the two below from Dave, maybe something a little lighter?

Jimmy Kimmel reveals the code names used by the State Department for certain cantankerous leaders of the world.

Lord knows I am trying for a Williams link. Jimmy KImmel was 2nd banana to Ben Stein on ‘Win Ben Stein’s Money’ and Ben Stein’s father was Herbert Stein ’35, economist, who might be interested in the 10K or so words currently filling the spaces here on Willileak, perhaps a nickname for EphBlog.

Speaking of which:

Nicknames for constant contributors

Dave, PhDrew, Rory, dcat, loweel, HWC, Ronit, Jeffz, Whitney, KThomas, SR Mom, the list could go on to include even Rechtal, Karloff, and yr hmble sv’t.

Your contributions please!
(you may submit as ‘anonymous’ if you fear retribution)

Good Morning from a white out on I 84,