Many Ephs are familiar with the one thing Amherst has that Williams lacks: Antonio’s, a quality pizza-by-the-slice joint. (And no, Jeff, the opening of Supreme Pizza and Wings¬†in North Adams doesn’t solve that problem). I’m sure most of you have been there after a basketball game or before vandalizing the Amherst sculpture garden.

Well, it looks like they had a rough weekend before Thanksgiving:

When a man wearing backstage Bob Dylan concert credentials around his neck walked into Antonio’s early Saturday morning, management at the pizza restaurant say they believed his claim that he was a member of the concert crew working at the Mullins Center during Dylan’s Friday night performance there.

The man, who Antonio’s owner Walter Pacheco estimated was in his 40s, ordered 178 extra-large gourmet pizzas. The total bill, including delivery, would be $3,900.

The man stood in the restaurant at 31 N. Pleasant St. for 10 minutes talking on his cell phone before leaving, promising to return to pay for the pizzas in several hours, Pacheco said.

They never saw him again.

I guess he left the manager singing a cover of “A Fool Such as I”. And to those always seeking “more” and “bigger” concerts at Williams — I hope you’re ready to bail Hot Tomatoes out when this joker strikes again.

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