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Steve Case ’80 Signs on to the Giving Pledge

Class agents, take note: AOL founder Steve Case ’80 (who I assume is the wealthiest living Williams alum, but corrections welcome) signed on to the Bill Gates / Warren Buffet Giving Pledge, pursuant to which billionaires pledge to give away at least half of their net worth.  Case’s comments:

Mr. Case, 52, and his wife Jean Case, 50, said they signed the pledge because they hoped it would help philanthropists learn from each other. “It is less about what size of a check that you write and more about the outcome,” Mr. Case said.

Ms. Case said Internet entrepreneurs have a unique interest in philanthropy. “The folks that helped bring AOL to life were out to change the world,” she said. “It seems a natural thing that as they look at the role they want to play, they are giving back in big ways.”

By the way, today on Ephblog I’d like to announce that, should I ever make a billion dollars, I, too, will join the Giving Pledge.  Unfortunately for humanity, the odds of that ever happening are infinitesimal.