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Political Science Blog Fail

A year ago Saturday, I wrote:

The Political Science Department has a blog. Odds are, it will fail. And that would be too bad! It would be amazing if there were a central location at which Williams faculty, students, alumni, parents and local residents could talk about politics. EphBlog, sometimes, serves that function: see our 89 comment thread (none written by me) about the politics of Afghanistan/Vietnam last week. But the faculty/students in Political Science could do a much better job of it than we do. How? Here are the basic steps for creating a vibrant on-line community of Ephs:

And, a year later, failure is what we have. Virtually no posts. No comments. No readers. No engagement. What a shame! If Vice President of Alumni Relations John Malcolm ’87 is half as smart as he appears to be, he will recognize that there a few better (or cheaper!) ways to strongly engage an important segment of the alumni body than by providing an on-line location for political debate and discussion. Just follow my advice from a year ago, and magic will follow.