and fortunately for me coming of age after WWII, this was the case … yes, even for middle-class working stiffs like me.

And the Williams education of the ’50’s helped shape my views so that I could understand and enjoy what was my right.

A South American pattern of 90/10 ownership emerging in the States and a more than equal world-wide playing field of health and money present challenges to the elite colleges to help prepare graduates for this tougher game. The question has been discussed here on the blog.

David Brook’s in his opinion piece this am in the NYT asks this question with an answer.
Ben Franklin’s America:
But as interesting as the answer is the presentation of the question:
Everybody knows I’m a sucker for a visual that hits home. That is why I sometimes grow impatient with seemingly endless discussions and parsings here on the blog. Blame it on being an Art History major.

But do watch the four minute presentation on youtube! What a great way visually to make a situation readily visible and understandable!

Alas, as everybody also knows, I won’t have any answers.

But I would be interested in yours!

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