Happy Holidays to the many members of the EphBlog community!

Perhaps my goofiest EphBlog idea is the notion of Holiday Cards to the Williams community.

There are a handful of people that I should send cards to but that, for all sorts of reasons, I never get around to doing so. So, to all of them, especially former roommates, I say Merry Christmas.

But I like to think that there are other Ephs in similar situations. I am here to help. Send me your holiday cards and I will post them here for the larger Eph community. The more holiday cheer, the better.

Alas, I lack the energy to tackle such a project. But the Alumni Office ought to! Just invite alumni to send holiday cards to Williams. The College would then scan them and make them available on the alumni page, just like the Every Person Had a Story project. The photos could even be tagged by class year, making it easy for class secretaries to find material for their columns.

At the very least, try the experiment for a year or two. If no one sends in card, Williams can drop it. But, if the project worked (defined as 100+ alumni sending in a card each year), it would be an extremely cheap way of increasing alumni engagement.

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