The Williams Facebook page has (as of December 16) 5587 fans (and counting), as compared to 4076 for Amherst.  The new Eph Alum Facebook page (2643 fans) is likewise already more popular than its Amherst counterpart (1998 fans).*  The Williams Athletics page is also very popular, with 1299 fans; there is no direct Amherst equivalent, and the closest approximation has only 206 fans . . . yet another way in which Williams College kicks Amherst in the butt.

Will Slack ’11 summarized other Williams pages on Facebook (and elsewhere) in this useful post.  Hopefully, Williams’ soon-to-be-hired new webmeister will create a single, fully comprehensive, centralized directory of Williams-related sites on the web.

[By the way, for those interested in the two huge Williams spikes in the Google Trends chart in the link included above, they correspond to two events: College Gameday on campus in November, 2007, and the release of the Forbes rankings on August 12, 2010.  Those are, by far, the two highest search days for Williams in Google history].

* a fair-minded observer would note that Williams does have more alumni than Amherst.  I am not a fair-minded observer.

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