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Science is not Solitary

Chad Orzel ’93 does not think that science is solitary.

There was never any point, from my undergrad days on up through my post-doc, when I felt that physics was a solitary endeavor.

As an undergrad, I always worked with other people on problem sets. In my first couple of years, I worked with a couple of guys who had lived in the same freshman dorm with me. After that, there was a group of 3-5 of us who used to get together in the Physics library and do homework. Talking through problems as a group helped us all understand things better than any of us could’ve done alone.

My undergrad thesis project involved another student in my class, who was available for moral support, lab assistance, and to beat my high scores on the freeware video games we had on the office computers. There were also other students doing research, and even the faculty were around to provide help and suggestions.

Orzel is surely right. What was your experience of science at Williams?