Photo by Diana

It’s the first day of winter — and the start of Christmas Vacation at Williams.

And to celebrate, Williams beats Amherst yet again.
U.S. News has released its list of “Best Colleges for Winter Enthusiasts.” Not surprisingly, Williams is on it. Those Connecticut Valley winter-haters who fled when the going got tough?
Not so much:
A cold, crisp breeze; fresh snow; and access to skiing and snowboarding: Some students end their college search after finding a campus with these three elements. If winter weather tops your college wish list, then these schools are for you…

Winter at Williams College, in Williamstown, Mass., is a new experience for more than half of the students that hail from beyond the Snowbelt and the school works hard to welcome them. The Williams Outing Club offers free rentals and lessons in everything from skiing and ice climbing to snowshoeing and winter camping.

The accompanying U.S. News photo (not Diana’s lovely accompaniment to this post), by Williamstown photographer Kevin Kennefick, showcases two women from the nordic skiing team.
Dartmouth’s Winter Carnival and Middlebury’s winter term are the bases for their respective inclusion in the list (limited space excuses that Williams Winter Study and Winter Carnival go unmentioned). The other schools listed are all out west:  Montana, Colorado-Boulder, the University of Utah, the University of Wyoming, and Sierra Nevada College. 
It’s a good thing U.S. News is only ranking American colleges. If the U.K. were included, Williams might have some further competition right now. Hope nobody here has plans to cross the Atlantic for the holidays — or is stuck on the far side trying to get back!
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