Over five years ago, the Springstreakers became a mini-phenomenon in the national news (or at least, a phenomenon by Billsville standards).  The group has, apparently, been active as recently as Spring of 2010.  You can read more about some of the Springstreakers’ adventures (which continued through at least 2008) on their WSO and Facebook page, as well as in this Record interview with co-founder Morgan Goodwin ’08.

For those curious, here are the four rules of streaking:

1. Only streak sober. Streaking is not a shameful act and therefore should not need the influence of substances to convince you into doing it.
2. Don’t streak little kids. Parents would get angry.
3. Don’t streak anything with an inordinately high risk of getting caught.
4. Don’t streak anything unworthy of getting streaked. Such events include sparsely populated events, unpopular events, things that have been streaked before and things that are unimaginative, eg. run-of-the-mill sporting events.

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