The last line of The Front Page. Walter Burns, managing editor, trying to keep Hildy Johnson, his star reporter, and a line-up of Walter Burns

To all EphBlog Readers, Greetings!

The Board of EphBlog has decided that in the interests of running a blog that can respond with alacrity to needs, it might be a smart idea to have a ‘Managing Editor’ on the premises. I think this is a smart decision. The problems that show up occasionally on the blog need to be handled quickly. Sometimes this is difficult with a board, just because of logistics.

The Board has also decided that since I, a member of the antediluvian class of 1956, am back hanging around the premises again (some might say ‘loitering’, others might say ‘littering’. I don’t argue either usage), I should do something useful! Time will tell the wisdom of this appointment.

In the words all too frequently used in a myriad of situations, let me try to ‘set expectations’ of how I see what I am going to try to do over time.

1. ‘Over time’. Don’t look for any dramatic OMG changes right out of the box. Any proposed physical changes will take time to make work technically. I depend upon Ken Thomas and Ronit Bhattacharyya to advise on the possible and collaborate with me on the desirable. Readers will see stuff before it happens and any changes will be presented to the Board for approval.

2. ‘New Voices’. We have a great lineup of continuing authors now! Thank you one and all for adding to the vitality of EphBlog It is my hope to develop new postings from a broad potential base of authors. I know that ‘All Things Eph’ has been the impetus for this very successful blog started and continued by David Kane for seven years. I have a belief that the observations of the Eph community on other subject matter may be a part of EphBlog as well. Included in this will be the more active development of facebook and twitter to attract a younger audience.

3. ‘Censorship’. My experience the last three years has been that the calls for revisions and/or apologies have been few. Indeed, some were of my own offerings. While I may not follow with avid eye each comment in sometimes exceedingly minute parsings, legal definitions of ‘tort’, and what constitutes academic writing, I look askance when the language becomes too abusive and not up to the standards of what might expect of representatives of the Williams community. The same holds true for postings.

OK, the rest of my concerns have been for my own wardrobe and makeup. I have the hat , I must learn to chomp a cigar, and I need to be able to shout “Stop the Presses!” with more believability.

Oh, yeah … I am Mr. Assessable himself:

Hmmm, where is my watch?

Dick Swart
Hood River, Oregon

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