What is the real purpose of Winter Study, especially for lazy undergraduates?

The real purpose of Winter Study is to fall into a food, beer, and videogame-induced stupor.

You will never, ever be surrounded by as many continuous deadline-free hours as you are right now.  Life after college, is, comparatively, a job-having, bill-paying, house-fixing, kids-to-care-for, stress-filled wasteland.  Of course, as you pass into the great beyond, you will have three-day weekends and even the occasional sick day, but you’ll probably waste those days waiting around for cable guys and plumbers, caring for kids with the flu, or trying to work off your fast-advancing waistline.  More importantly, even your twelve annual vacation days will primarily be spent contemplating how you can possibly keep pace with the various responsibilities of adulthood.  Exiting Williams without having sixteen weeks of pure, unadulterated, hedonistic bliss to be nostalgic for is not necessarily a one way ticket to an unhappy life, but it is not a smart way to play the odds.  The odds favor leisure now.

It isn’t that your classes and papers, your theses and sports teams, are unimportant.  (Well, actually, to be honest, they are).  But enjoying 12 hours per day of sleep for the last time in your life, being able to drink without suffering debilitating 24 hour hangovers, playing four hours of hoops without your body requiring a three day recovery window, and eating endless amounts of subs and pizza and gaining nary a pound (I’d add guilt-free sex with peers in their physical prime, but let’s be real, this is Williams after all) — this is much more important than falling in love or learning to juggle.

So, stop reading this blog, chug two beers, place an order with Hot Tomatoes, and take a three hour nap with an empty pizza box as your blanket.  I did the same 14 (and 15, and 16, and 17) years ago, and have never regretted it since.

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