Check out this great article on Amy Prieto ’96’s research into creating a more powerful, cheaper, and longer lasting battery.  Prieto is an assistant chemistry prof at Colorado State, in addition to heading Prieto Battery.  Between Prieto and the equally revolutionary work being performed by Joshua Smith ’91, we could someday be thanking a small handful of Ephs for helping usher in a new generation of alternative energy sources.  [Rumor has it that Amherst alums have taken a slightly different energy approach].

Other Ephs working in the alternative energy arena (and I’m sure there are others) include Wayne Davis ’78, Vice President at Harvest Power, Samuel Arons ’04, a member of Google’s Green Business Strategy Team who has written about hybrid vehicles, Christopher Elkinton ’98, who works as a wind turbine engineer, Kristina Weyer ’03 (who like Prieto was affiliated with Colorado State), who works on algae-to-biodiesel energy at Solix Biofuels, and Alex Mokover ’10, who is immersed in alternative energy policy.  And of course, Senator Mark Udall ’72 is one of the leading advocates for alternative energy production in Congress.

Considering (a) the huge opportunities in this field, (b) Williams’ continued excellence in Geology, Chemistry, and Physics, and (c) the efforts of the Zilkha Center on promoting sustainability initiatives on campus, I imagine that Williams will continue to produce the next wave of alternative energy researchers, policy-makers and entrepeneurs.

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