There they are, the coaches of those all-male sports back in 1955 when I believe the perception of players might have been ‘scholar-athletes’. Although some wore helmets, they were, none-the-less, the guys you knew, partied with, studied with, and ate with. Of course, it was only Physical Education in those days.

These men taught many a life lesson in the pool, the gym, or Weston Field. Indeed, some are legends and the name-sakes of facilities erected in their honor. But things have changed with league recognition, tips, and etc.

How do these coaches compare with today’s fine staff? Would any be hired today?

Sports have always been a part of Williams and particularly those savagery-infused meetings with Amherst.

Athletics at Williams ’56 v ’11 Compare and contrast. Use as many Blue Books as you need. Sign the Honor Statement.

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