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This just in from constant EphBlog addict Parent ’12:

Well, it looks as if “analytic types,” who can generate legitimate-sounding methodology,* attend to the ranking of “college brands.”

TrendTopper MediaBuzz utilizes a mathematical model that ‘normalizes’ the data collected from the Internet, social media, and blogosphere as well as the top 75,000 print and electronic media. The end result is a non-biased analytical tool that provides a gauge of relative values among various institutions, as well as measures of how that value changes over time.


Based on the quote, who knows what was actually done. The copy writer probably doesn’t know either. btw, for Universities, Chicago sits at 2nd, while Wisconsin is 1st, bumping Harvard down to 3rd. And, for Colleges, Williams is 3rd behind Davidson & Occidental.
Brandi et al:Do you know anyone who could successfully pitch a campaign that would bump Williams to 1st?

Thank you, Parent ’12 … More stuff from your eagle eyes needed!

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Hmmmm, No Country for Old Men.)

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