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The ’55-’56 AllStars: Drama and Religion…

The 1955-56 year saw two new faces on campus. And talk about AllStars! Replacing Dave Bryant at the AMT – Nicos Psacharopoulos!

And joining Bill Cole, soon to become president of Lake Forest, in the Chaplains Office – John Chandler!
What changes during their tenures! And who is Giles Playfair? Trivia, trivia …

It was a messy school year at the AMT. Also in the shift and appointed to be Director of the AMT was Giles Playfair, barrister and first Artistic Director of The Royal Court Theatre, Sloan Square, London. This Royal Court appointment lasted only a few months for a number of reasons having to do with management. Mr Playfair was the son of Sir Giles Playfair, actor and theater manager. But in this flailing, the Williamstown Festival Theater was born!

If you had to go to required chapel, and in the ’50’s you had to go to required chapel once a week (at one time, it was every day), the beautiful Thompson Memorial Chapel took away any sting as soon as you entered. I understand that wonderful building is now under-used. I hope this is not true.

I am waiting for clarification of my sketchy words from those who really know!