Alum musicians play for a night at Goodrich!

Darlingside is Don Mitchell ’06, Auyon Mukharji ’07, Dave Senft ’07, Harris Paseltiner ’09, and Sam Kapala ’09.

Pop sensibilities unconstrained by the pop aesthetic push Darlingside outside the realm of trendy, safely beyond the obnoxious trifling of those who wear their music tastes on their sleeves as a mere fashion accessory, and into deeper and more enduring places. Ampeater Music

Hear ’em at

Caitlin Canty ‘04 will open.

“New York-based songstress Caitlin Canty creates the bittersweet, but rare variety of acoustic folk pop that could make even the most callous barfly both weep and sing along in one three-minute tune.”- David Coffey, Daily Collegian

She has worked with Darlingside. But sample her solo:

Great Caesar leads into Darlingside. Now their lineup is John-Michael Parker, Sean Andrew, Adam Glaser, Tom Sikes, Mike Farrell, Andy Calderon, Stephen Chen. The only alum possibility I found may be Chou Chen ’07 who lives in Connecticut where the band is based. Or maybe I’ve got the wrong band, it’s hard to google what with all the names for salad dressing. But if these are the guys:

“…a dazzling, energetic tour-de-force of virtuosic horns, catchy ska-beats, and lead singer John-Michael’s shredding baritone.”

Goodrich! Saturday, 15 January!

I suppose The Spring Street Stompers were cut from the program.


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