Great essay from Professor Will Dudley ’89:

Three years earlier, on his first day of kindergarten, my son came home to face the standard gauntlet of questions from his eager parents: “How was it? Did you have fun? What did you learn?” He paused, earnestly trying to distill the essence of his new experiences. “Dad,” he finally said, with the countenance of one about to deliver a solemn proclamation, “I’m a Red Sox fan.” He let the announcement sink in, and then asked his own question: “What sport do they play?”

He had left the house that morning not knowing the Red Sox are a baseball team. He returned that afternoon identifying himself as a fan. What happened? In a few short hours at a public school in rural Massachusetts he encountered and absorbed a basic truth: “Red Sox fan” is who we are. The logic was straightforward and inexorable. We are New Englanders. The Red Sox play for New England. Therefore, we are Red Sox fans.

Read the whole thing.

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