From the Chair of the Music Department:

To all our wonderful music students,

There aren’t words to express what we are all experiencing now, with the sudden, inexplicable, cruel death of Steve Bodner. He was a true force of nature, with a heart as big as the universe, and what has happened makes no sense at all. The hole this leaves in our lives, individually and collectively, is huge, and the loss to our department immeasurable.

Department faculty and staff will be here all day to offer what support we can; there will be an email from the Chaplain’s Office this afternoon about an opportunity later today for the entire college community to gather together to remember Steve. Jenny Dewar is creating an online message board that we will be able to access through the department website to share memories and pay tribute to a superb musician, teacher, colleague, mentor, and friend. I will keep you all informed, and please be in touch with any faculty or staff here in the department if there is anything we can do to help at this terrible time.

We’ll be gathering tonight in Chapin Hall. Also see the letter from the President.

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