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Williams Relationships

All alumni got this e-mail a year ago.

Dear David,

In tough economic times, our Williams relationships are more important than ever. Many of us are re-entering the job market and considering career changes – transitions we never anticipated.

Ephs have always helped Williams students seeking professional advice and a foot in the door. Now we’re asking you to do everything you can to help fellow alumni.

It’s all easy, thanks to our new alumni website and the career networking tools you will find at http://alumni.williams.edu/career.

o Create/Update your Career Network profile
o Search and post jobs at the Williams Alumni LinkedIn Group
launched in 2007 by Eric Chiu’93 and Greg Meyer’93.
o Contact the Office of Career Counseling (OCC) if you have job or intern opportunities for Williams undergraduates.
o Post a “Yellow Pages” listing for your business
o Start or join an alumni Discussion Group

Use these tools to bring a powerful new alumni network to life. In the true Williams spirit, act! Share insights, experiences, and job opportunities. Take that phone call from a fellow Eph. Attend regional and class events. Stay in touch with old friends and meet new ones.

The strength of the Williams alumni community is legendary. While we continue our tradition of service and leadership in our communities and the world beyond, let us make our commitment to each other a priority, too.

Thank you for everything you do for Williams.

e-signature of Sarah Underhill

Sarah Mollman Underhill ’80
President, Society of Alumni

Sarah Underhill is a wonderful Eph. I applaud her dedication to Williams and her willingness to listen to my telephone rant for 45 minutes. But everything I told her last year has come to pass: All these efforts are total (?) failures, just as I predicted they would be.

1) Of course, not everything here is a failure. Alumni (like me) do post job/internship opportunities. But all (?) of that activity goes through OCC. The Alumni Society plays no part, although that may change, sort of, once John Noble at OCC starts reporting to John Malcolm, the VP of Alumni Affairs.

2) For the discussion groups to have a prayer of success, the College would need to stop requiring a Williams login to read them. (It would be OK to require a login to add a comment or post.)

3) I appreciate the efforts of the LinkedIn Ephs. I am a member of the group. But, as best I can tell, there are a lot of members and virtually no content. Has anyone had a different/better experience?