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Hiring Interns for Quantitative Equity Finance

I am hiring interns for paid summer positions in quantitative finance. Current Williams students who have worked for me in the past include: David Phillips ’11, Ville Satopaa ’11, Hai Zhou ’11 and Andrew Liu ’11. Contact them if you want to know what I am like. Summary: There is no better internship for someone interested in the intersection of finance, statistics and technology.

If you are interested in this job, e-mail me now (dkane at iq.harvard.edu). I plan on filling these positions very quickly, certainly before Winter Study is over. Related posts here. A message should go out soon to OCC and on WSO with more details, but I prefer to keep those company-specifics (I am at a new job) separate from my existence here at EphBlog. Please respect those wishes in the comments.