Coleman '97's NYC mansion

Facebook’s recent $50 billion valuation is getting a lot of attention — and with it, Chase Coleman ’97, whose stake in the social network giant is estimated at $900 million.

Curbed asks:

Who in God’s name is Chase Coleman? He’s someone, apparently… And he’s clearly doing something right—see all those rooms above? Yeah, that’s Coleman’s home. It has probably changed a bit here or there since publishing heiress Veronica Hearst owned it, but still—a $30M Upper East Side Mansion is a $30M Upper East Side mansion. Not too shabby, kid!

And New York Magazine snarks:

How rich is Chase Coleman? First of all, he has the unique distinction of being both Old and New Money rich, so just for starters you want to take your expectation of what “rich” is and double it. A descendant of Peter Stuyvestant — the last Dutch governor of New York, the guy who actually built the wall that Wall Street is named for — Chase’s full name is not only triple barreled but has a “III” after it — Charles Payson Coleman III — which by our math triples the value of his name.

So who is Chase Coleman? If these guys read EphBlog, they would have known Chase years ago. From one of David’s posts:

Even within the exceptionally wealthy population of Williams alumni, Coleman has done well. In fact, I would wager that he, alone, made more money last year than the sum of every other member of the class of 1997.

Does that bother me? No! Coleman is both lucky (not every Eph gets to work at Tiger Management) and talented. But others had similar opportunities and made different choices. Coming out of Williams, you are unlikely to get (self-made) rich unless you go into finance…

And congratulations to Chase and his wife Stephanie, who are celebrating their sixth anniversary today.

*Yes, “billionaire” would be rounding up from $900 million, but consider that Coleman’s Tiger Global Management LLC invested $20 million in LinkedIn, the career-oriented social networking site that plans an IPO this year, and it’s not an unreasonable guess.


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