Editors’ editor’s note, from author:
I, “Mr. Thomas,” did not post an excerpt from Prof. Taylor’s work. I embedded a link to the entire work in Google Books’ library– where any one can read part of the work, or purchase it, or add it to their library.
Evidently there is some misunderstanding about the fact that this is a conventional, and perhaps the simplest and most convenient, way to cite or share a work on the Internet.
In internet parlance, this act is somewhat akin to leaving a book out on the kitchen table, turned to a particular page– or adding a supplemental material, to a suggested reading list. And in the same parlance, I might suggest, vandalizing such a link seems quite akin to book burning, or burning your housemate’s book you found on the table, if the metaphor is a little strained.
Another explanatory metaphor, which may communicate something to Mr. Swart, is to think of my insertions and suggestions as “textual SwartArt”– items meant to be absorbed in a similar manner.

Editors note: Mr Thomas has, rather enigmatically, posted with no explanation and under the heading used for the series of ongoing discussions, a 40-some page excerpt from Professor Mark C Taylor’s publication Crisis on the Campus.

Readers interested in reading this new book by the eminent Professor of Religion at Columbia and former Williams Professor will find a reference here:
[Or you can just go to Google Books: “Crisis on Campus,” Mark C Taylor.

I suggest that Ken write a book review for the readers of ephblog.

Dick Swart
Managing Editor

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