I apologize for posting a piece of private correspondence under comments from Ken to me. It was obviously written from him in a moment of pique. Several points on the difference in expectation between a blog and a printed publication were quite interesting.
I am afraid I put it up in a moment of pique as well.
As a managing editor, I should have had better control. I accept full responsibility for this breach of etiquette and am at your disposal for the continuance of my duties.

Dick Swart
Managing Editor

Passages, #3:
A Cult(ure) of Mind:

Newman thus describes the effect on a Mind of this ideal education:

“It is almost prophetic from its knowledge of human nature:
it has almost supernatural charity from its freedom from littleness and prejudice:
it has almost the repose of faith, because nothing can startle it:
it has almost the beauty and harmony of heavenly contemplation, so intimate it is with the eternal order of things and with the music of the spheres.”

To attain such a culture, universally recognized as desirable, who shall shape the course of study? [p3]

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