Photo by John Phelan, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.

Bad news from South Williamstown: The Store at Five Corners (originally opened in 1832) and Green River Farms are closed due to financial struggles:

Signs posted in the entrance way of The Store at Five Corners on Monday stated the store would close at the end of the day on Thursday, Jan. 6, for renovations and reorganization. Lewis said a large enough sum of money had been lost that made it prohibitive under the present course and former leadership to continue operating the businesses.

“Essentially there is no question that financial issues make it ridiculous to continue on our present course, and that is why there needs to be a reorganization. It needs to be essentially a regrouping in order make the businesses viable,” he said.

(Edit 1/21):

The above Bennington Banner link is now out-of-date. The story began as follows:

Two South Williamstown icons — Green River Farms and The Store at Five Corners — are closing.

These two, especially The Store at Five Corners, are local and regional icons — I hope a new owner can find a way to make them financially viable. An occasional visitor when I was a student, I’ve frequented it much more as an alumnus, and it’s a vital part of the identity of South Williamstown.

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