Your probably saw that NYT music critic Anthony Tommasini was conducting a poll/survey/mind read to determine the top 10 classical composers

Anybody’s list of post-Baroque composers would probably include Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Chopin, Mozart, Schoenberg, Haydn, Stravinsky, Schumann, Brahms, Schubert, Handel, Bach, and Debussy.

So just in: 1 Bach. 2 Beethoven. 3 Mozart. 4 Schubert. 5 Debussy. 6 Stravinsky. 7 Brahms. 8 Verdi. 9 Wagner. 10 Bartók. Wha … Bartok?!?!

A caricature of Bartok from Radio Times, May 18, 1934

The Guardian said today “does it reveal more about the tastes of the east-coast haute bourgeoisie than anything else?”.

Well, here I am on the west coast and probably as much a peasant as any of those Hungarians Bartok used for inspiration of his ethnocentric music.

Come on, Ronit, this is a four-seamer just for you (sort of like an outswinger)! Hit it out of the park!

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