When you purchase a book on Amazon or a song from Itunes, you are directed to a batch of recommended books and songs, respectively, purchased by like-minded consumers.  So I am curious to compile two things: first, a list of leading internet blogs / internet sites devoted primarily to higher education issues (in other words, the internet sites that share most in common with Ephblog), and second, a list of blogs / sites, more generally, that Ephblog readers regularly patronize.  After comments, I will post a list of both categories.

In the first category, certainly, the NYTimes The Choice blog qualifies.  Same goes for the Dartmouth, Middlebury, and Wesleyan blogs, the three blogs most similar to Ephblog.  Are there other higher education-focused blogs /websites that Ephblog readers enjoy?

My own favorite general blog / sites, other than Ephblog, include Talking Points Memo (political blog with a liberal slant), Huffington Post (liberal political blog that also covers entertainment and humor, among other topics), the Blue Screen (a NYGiants blog, so that won’t interest most readers I imagine), Bill Simmons on ESPN.com, and Prince of Petworth (that one is focused on neighborhoods in close proximity to me, and would not be of any interest to non-D.C. residents).  What blogs and pages are in the regular rotation for other Ephblog readers?

(Ed note: Illustration added for visual interest only. No endorsement of the product is made or intended. Readers are advised that weeping, hugging, and/or personal revelatory moments may occur. )

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