U.S. News and World Report has tried to do so by comparing donation rates of alums from over 1700 colleges and universities. While Williams did very well (6th nationally with a reported rate of 57.6%), we still came in slightly behind both Amherst (59.5%) and Middlebury (60.1%). The free portion of the article can be seen here. How much do you think the Alumni Development Office would like to inch Williams ahead of Amherst and Midd? How could Williams increase the percentage of alumni donors?

I used to enjoy the phone calls I would get from my class agent, who was a friend of mine that I didn’t really otherwise keep in touch with. I would make him call me two or three times to chat before I would send in a check. This year I got form e-mails from a different agent (this time from a former entrymate) and our class president. I think the phone calls are likely more effective, but obviously more time consuming.

(Ed note: here are 126 alums a class agent might like to call)

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