Today will be a carefully planned and full day of activities.

From the  announcement:

“The theme for the day is ‘Our stories, our community, our responsibilities.’ The program, organized by a steering committee of students, staff, and faculty, will feature dialogue rather than just lecture, with discussions exploring a spectrum of topics from ideological diversity to nontraditional students.”

Claiming Williams has a very interestingly worded Mission Statement:

Mission Statement:
Claiming Williams invites the community to acknowledge and understand the uncomfortable reality that not all students, staff, and faculty can equally “claim” Williams. By challenging the effects of the College’s history of inequality that are based on privileges of class, race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and religion, we will provoke individual, institutional, and cultural change.”

Writers of Mission Statements, may find the statement self-fulfilling because of the juxtaposition of  “the effects of the College’s history of inequality” and “we will provoke individual, institutional, and cultural change.”

Some may see positive necessary and needed changes of attitude, some may perceive negative threats to things they assume as ordinary and natural, and some may see no need for a day of this type at all.

There will be four posts today on Ephblog, each on aspects of Claiming Williams. Each will present a controversial point of view. The four may be aggressive. The four may be annoying. The four are written by David Kane.

Perhaps in our own virtual setting, we can be, in the hopes of the Claiming Williams Mission Statement, ‘provoked’ to some understanding of this day on campus.

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