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Claiming Williams: Unraveling Race

Hello all! Today is “Claiming Williams,” and evidently, Allan Johnson is giving a presentation or seminar on “Unraveling Race.” I don’t have information from his presentation– I’m not sure it would be appropriate to post it here if I did– but, for those who have interest, here is one of Allan’s presentations at WSU in 2006, from his website: NOTE: some users may find it easier to listen on original site, or to download the (35MB) .mp3 original.


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on any side of any ideological spectrum, are invited– especially when analytical. EphBlog Authors who wish to point out particular passages with ‘time stamps’ are invited to edit this post in collaborative, ‘wiki’ fashion. If there is anyone on campus who wants to give us some perspective on the event, it would be appreciated.

UPDATE: Johnson evidently canceled on Tuesday due to weather. Copyright/usage justification notice: asset is available for embed on creator’s site.