What are we getting in Claiming Williams 2011? Drivel like this:

Unraveling the Knot of Privilege, Power, and Difference with Allan Johnson

One of the greatest barriers to ending sexism, racism, and other forms of privilege is that we are trapped in cultural ways of thinking that turn conversations about privilege and oppression into occasions for dominant groups to feel guilty and defensive. As a result, the conversations we need to have either happen badly or, more often, don’t happen at all, making it all but impossible for us to assume responsibility to act effectively for change in our communities. This presentation can help overcome that barrier by providing an alternative way of thinking about issues of privilege. It is based on the author’s books, The Gender Knot and Privilege, Power, and Difference. For more about Allan Johnson, visit his website.

If you were a typical white male student at Williams would you bother to attend this event? I wouldn’t. With luck, Allan Johnson will not be as buffoonish as Tim Wise, but this is the same shtick that the typical Eph who looks like me has heard his whole life. Why bother?

To atone for my sins, I listened to 10 minutes of Johnson’s blather (minutes 5 to 15 here). Not recommended. He has no idea what he is talking about and refuses to even engage with arguments from the other side. He is a pathetic ideologue.

How much did Williams pay for this nonsense?

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