Given Jeff’s great post below on the appearance of so many Williams music and art alums, let us recognize the start of the modern Music Department paced by Bob Barrow and Irv Shainman. Barrow is recognized by Sondberg as an influence and Irv Shainman has given me one of my watchwords for life – “Always put a stinger on it”.

For those few of you who have never been in a marching band, some marches end with ‘stingers’ ie: ‘dah, de-dah, de-dah, DAH! (the DAH is the ‘stinger’). Some marches do not have stingers and end ‘dah, de-dah, de-dah’ *silence*.

When you are marching along, forming whatever letter, figure, rude gesture to the opposition, with your instrument buffeted by the wind, your music flapping wildly, and trying to remember whether you are in step, the question of to stinger or not to stinger is not one to deal with. But Irv Shainman in his infinite wisdom knew the answer: a stinger,always!

Robert Barrow was an accomplished pianist and organist. The organ in the Thompson Memorial Chapel is a fine instrument matching his skills.The organ is a Skinner from 1911. Here are specs in the opus list

Irv Shainman was a medalist trumpeter and to hear him tear his way through a Torrelli or two was to make you feel your lip was made of liver. He had chops!

On Nollner and the Princeton Glee Club.

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