Sebastain Gould, Stanford ‘12, took time off after freshman year to serve as a Machine Gunner for the US Marine Corps in Afghanistan. (Courtesy of: Sebastian Gould and the Stanford Review)

Wick Sloane, well-recognized as an advocate for the community college system, its’ path for veterans, and the potential for these students at four year schools such as Williams, is featured in an article in the Stanford Review Veterans at the Elites. The author, Harsh Govil, quotes his belief on the value of these young men and women to elite colleges

“For some, the benefit of having veterans is clear. Sloane poses the question, “from a teaching perspective, if you think you provide one of the best educations in the world, how can you miss a chance to have these young men and women in the classroom?”

Richard Nesbitt, Director of Admissions at Williams, is also extensively quoted in the article. While explaining his view of the difficulties of integrating veterans onto the campus, he mentions a new program the college is exploring. Here are Nesbitts’ quote and the conclusion of the article

“We are talking to marine corps veterans as part of [our] leadership scholar program,” said Nesbitt. The program is at a discussion stage and is being developed to help identify high ability veterans interested in a liberal arts college. Although no agreement has been signed yet, this structured approach to identifying the “right fit” veterans would go a long way in ensuring that they stay in the classrooms even after the first quarter. If adopted by other schools, this approach could lead to a healthy veteran community in colleges like Princeton or Harvard.

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