New President Whitney Wilson shaking hands with former President Derek Catsam on the loge of the winter BlogHouse
It was a brisk February day, as are all days in February, there being just the 28, except for the Leap Year but that’s another story, as now President Whitney Wilson took the oath of office administered by EphBlog honorary Chaplain, Rechtal Turgidley Jr.

His voice loud and strong over the shouts of excited onlookers, President Wilson pledged himself to penal servitude including a full explanation of the 14 points suggested to him in a three volume set of Morocco bound volumes by prolific philologist and philosopher Kenneth Thomas.

Former President Derek Catsam remarked to this reporter concerning the new President “He’ll need a case of Lone Star Longnecks and all the Bob Wills music he can eat. Thomas writes in Croatian”.

The Ball will be held this evening with dancing to the music of Lester Lanin, an old favorite of the new executive.

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