A quick but heartfelt “thank you” to Derek for all of the time and effort he put in as President. Under his watch, and with the excellent addition of Dick Swart as managing editor, I believe the content on EphBlog has never been better. As a member of the EphBlog community, I certainly appreciate the results of his efforts.

I’ll re-iterate my view of what EphBlog should be, a web site where the Eph community can discuss issues of mutual interest which relate to Williams College and Williamstown. While there are certainly many serious disagreements on many of the issues, we should be able to disagree without malice or rancor. Please keep this in mind as you blog here.

Going forward, I hope we can engage more regularly with those readers and potential readers who are currently on campus (current students, faculty, administration, and staff). The posts from Prof. Oakley were terrific, and I hope we can have more of that kind of contribution.

Please feel free to contact me via the blog or e-mail (whitney22201 (at) yahoo.com) if you have questions or concerns or – most importantly – suggestions about EphBlog. We can’t promise to implement everything, but we will listen and do what we can to make EphBlog an even better place.

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