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You’re the Top …

(Ed Note: A musical interlude)

Parent ’12 aparent has pointed out that Buxton Hill, the estate of the sometime Williamstown resident Cole Porter, is for sale for $2.5  million. Please forgive the misattribution. Its’ the old eyes …

THIS JUST IN : Price is now $4.5 million. Who sez the economy is going to hell!

Forbes Magazine describes it:

The home is located just a few minutes away from Williams College, and when Porter died in 1964, he donated the home to the college. The school kept it for two years before it was returned to private hands in 1966. On the ground floor of the main house, there is a master suite–which includes a dressing room and four closets–a large living room, a dining room and a library; upstairs there are four more bedrooms, each with its own bathroom. In total, the house is about 6,000 square feet, and the property covers more than 40 acres.

In addition, the estate has a swimming pool, a tennis court, a terrace, a garden fountain and a greenhouse. (Porter’s Scottish housekeeper was said to have kept the rooms filled with flowers cut from the property’s formal gardens.)

Cole Porter is one of those names, alas,  drifting back into history. Yet his songs and musical shows were the popular hits and evergreens for generations.

Two movies were made about him : Night and Day (1946) with Cary Grant and Alexis Smith, and De-Lovely (2004) with Kevin Kline and Ashley Judd.

His list of hit shows runs from the 1929 Paris (Lets do it, Lets fall in Love) to the 1956 Les Girls (Ca c’est L’amour) and include The Gay Divorcee, Anything Goes, Du Barry was a Lady, Kiss Me Kate, CanCan, and High Society.

Here he is singing his generally reckoned number one favorite, from Anything Goes, You’re the Top.


Cole Porter  1891 – 1964