Williams has a new home page. Read this for background:

The first step toward a rethinking of the college website has been the technical change of moving the homepage and many other college sites to the content management system called WordPress—and, most recently, the shifting of those sites to a new server. We’ve taken the occasion to also make a few modest changes to the homepage toward more visual appeal and ease of navigation.

All of the homepage’s navigation remains intact, including the secondary navigation that’s targeted for specific users (now in the right-hand column, under “Especially For”). If you’re having any problems finding what you’re looking for, please email webops@williams.edu.

Angela Paik Schaeffer, Director of Communications

Scott Pittinsky, Director of Web Operations

Since I want Angela and Scott to like EphBlog and redistribute our content, let me start by saying: Cool! Williams definitely needed devote some effort to the home page. This iteration is much better than the previous version. WordPress rocks! (Indeed, it is what we use for EphBlog.)

Alas, not all members of the EphBlog community are as eager to suck up to Angela and Scott as I am. dm ’10 (who knows a thing or two about computers) writes:

If OIT requires a student opinion survey in order to figure out that this redesign looks completely amateurish and that serious websites are not built in WordPress, then something is deeply, deeply wrong.

See student reaction at WSO. Alas, not a single student is as supportive of the efforts of the Administration’s efforts as I am. Call me Adam Falk’s running dog!

What do you think?

(Ed Note: At Jeffs’ excellent suggestion, the running comments from our Speak Up column have been moved to the ‘comments’ on this post. The commentary started very soon after the changes were announced and visible. See below at comment 3. Confusingly, the transferred comments begin at #52 through #69. The next new comment from a reader of this post will be #4.)

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