As some of you may have seen, Senator Jim Webb (D-Virginia) has stated that he will not run for re-election in 2012. This has set off an explosion of blog posts about his departure, like this and this, and thanking him for his service.

There have also been lots of posts speculation about his possible successor, both on the Democratic side (see here, here, and here and Republican sides (here and here).

Senator Webb was “drafted” to run in 2006 with the encouragement of many Democratic “outsiders” (see here, as well as some Democratic insiders, like Chap Petersen ’90. Chap was also involved very early on in the Webb campaign in 2006, when Webb was a long-shot to win the Democratic nomination and an impossible long shot to beat then-incumbent Senator George Allen, and he has posted a short piece in response to Webb’s retirement notice. Chap’s name has been floated from time to time as a possible candidate for Webb’s seat, including in the comments to his own post. In response, Chap wrote:

I’m announcing for re-election to the State Senate in a few weeks. Does that count?

I’d need a frontal lobotomy to work on Capitol Hill. Or a bottle in front of me.

Not a fan of Capitol Hill, apparently.

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