For those of you who have not, a kindly note from my class agent reminds me that this year’s campaign is closing. The participation rate, does have a value to Williams, and I encourage you all, to donate as you can.

Otherwise, I will share my opinion:

Hi Matt,

Thanks for the note.

Frankly, I give about what I give to the Children’s Education Fund in Mexico each week at the grocery. Not to mention the Children’s Nutrition Fund, where $5/week feeds a child for a year.

I know that keeping the participation rate up helps, but I figure between Williams, Berkeley, and Deep Springs, and so many other issues, at the moment, there are other places which could use the help.

Also, I will not harangue you in the manner I hear Wick Sloane ’76 expresses an opinion that is essentially mine to his class agent, — but I will register the view that I do not believe Williams is a financially responsible institution.

I hope you are well, — it’s always good to hear from any member of our class.


No offense meant to Wick, of course.

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