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Football Coach Search Process

New football coack Aaron Kelton had a fine first season at Williams. Congratulations to all! But I am still interested in the search process which brought him to Williams. Here is a what an Eph with some insider knowledge told me when Kelton was announced last spring.

I didn’t even know he [Kelton] was in the running. I was told that the finalists were Barrale [assistant football coach and head coach of baseball], the former Princeton Head Coach who was fired after last season, and John Perry, currently Head Coach at Merrimack, but long-time O-coordinator at various Ivy programs. And of those three, I was under the impression that Perry was the frontrunner.

Impressions can mislead. Do any readers know much about the search process? Recall that every faculty search at Williams is supposed to include, if at all possible, at least one candidate from an under-represented group. (Alas, the Hiring Handbook with all the details is not available on-line.) Was Kelton a late (and worthy!) addition to the search?