Over at WSO, Zach Ferguson ’13 of the Lecture Committee┬áis seeking input from students about who they should bring to campus:

[W]e thought it might be helpful if we reached beyond the four students who currently serve on the committee and asked the general student body at Williams . . . . Specifically:

1)How have this year’s lectures compared to those of previous years?

2)What lectures/speakers from the past were particualrly memorable, and why?

3) How much do you think Williams can justifiably spend on a single speaker?

4) If you had $50,000 to spend on a single speaker, who would you want?

Kudos to the Lecture Committee for its outreach! Currently, Slavoj Zizek and the category of “Supreme Court Justice” (Justice Scalia is specifically named) are recurring suggestions.

Anyone at EphBlog have thoughts? Who else would make the trip to Williamstown to see Jimmy McMillan?

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