Note found on a paper napkin at Lindy’s

Booking the school circuit: what a way to make a living! Even harder at a place like Williams where you don’t even know who’s on first, what with all the overlaps. I mean All Campus Entertainment (ACE), is it all-campus, some-campus, off-campus? You’d think the home of the Williamstown Summer Festival would have the answer inbred in their genes!

I had this balloon folder, Bob Rollins, he could a gone to the top I said to him If you take my advice, you’ll become one of the great balloon-folding acts of all time! Really, ’cause I don’t just see you folding balloons in joints. You listen to me, you’re gonna fold balloons at universities and colleges. But not Williams, I couldn’t figure out the system.

So if anybody reads this on campus who knows somebody I got this singer. My hand to God, she’s gonna be at Carnegie Hall. But you – I’ll let you have her now at the old price, OK? Which is, which is anything you wanna give me. Anything at all.

(Ed note: This seems to bear some resemblance to Broadway Danny Rose)

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